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Welcome to Wholehearted Living Growth and Travel Blog!

We are Mike, Emily, Corabelle, Olivia, and Regina Haarer. Whole-hearted living means a lot of things to us. It means living and loving courageously. It means dreaming big and pursuing those dreams with abandon. Taking risks. Soaring. Living gratefully. Focusing on "being" more than "doing." Taking time to love the person in front of you. It means seeking to live now in a way you that you'll be grateful for later. 

In the summer of 2024, after living a life we loved and investing ourselves in a ministry for almost 20 years, things changed. We had started to feel a shift the year prior, which we now realize was God preparing us for huge changes to come. The ministry we worked at closed our area of ministry and we were gently nudged out of our comfort zone. It was the clear sign we needed to move into a new phase of our family's life. 


We are a homeschool family who is now embarking on a "World Schooling" journey, where we travel and experience the world around us as our classroom. We are stepping into our identity as an adventurous family that loves the flexibility provided by remote work and home schooling, now "world schooling." We are committed to growth and learning. This site is our way of sharing our adventures including what we're learning along the way.


Mike is an adjunct faculty member at the Townsend Institute for Leadership, Counseling, and Executive Coaching at the Concordia University Irvine. He also has formed an independent practice as a Leadership, Parenting, and Personal Growth Coach. Emily lives her best life as a world school mom and a Disney Travel Agent

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