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Dreams do come true...

As I sit here and reflect on our first adventure, tears come to my eyes. Thank you Animal Kingdom Lodge cast members for the perfect two days to start our Wholehearted Family journey. Thank you for the String of Memories that will grace our Christmas tree this year (if we have one wherever we are!) and thank you for all the moments our sweet Corabelle could capture on her camera (be sure to check out our photo gallery)!

We needed you after packing, sorting, and selling a house-full of 16 years of stuff and memories. Don’t worry, we didn’t sell any memories but we ALL let go of a lot of stuff! I am so proud of our girls for entering in and knowing that to let go is to make room! The process was not for the faint of heart but it was so good. It was freeing. So fitting that we started out 2023 with We Make Space by Melissa Helser as an anthem.

We make space, we make room

We have come to yield to you

We make space, we make room

How we long to be close to you

Oh come and take up residence

Jesus, Jesus welcome in

We're clearing out the clutter

For the only One that matters

May you also find your anthem for a new season!

To making it count!


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